Love, redefined.

Love comes in all forms and shapes and entails different meaning in varied context. It encompasses a whole spectrum of colours, in different genres and of different emotional ties. Once I've taken a subject called "Art Cinema and the Love Story", one of the few takeaways from this subject was a simple yet memorable question by my lecturer.

Why people falls in love when it makes you so vulnerable? , he asked.

I can't help but to nod along in approval of this question. It chips away people's confidence because you have to expose your inner secrets to others. It makes you cry when promises are broken, hopes are shattered and beautiful memories fade away as time passes. Your heart is left with scars and manipulative lies. Your mind is driven crazy having to deal with insecurities and You are confronted with uncomfortable questions about your habits, choices and antics you did not even once realised. Perhaps, an existential crisis comes along too when overthinking strikes.

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But, another spectrum puts you on cloud nine. Opening up yourself, sharing of information and getting to know another person on an intimate level may comes by rare to you. One whom you can connect and communicate with in a healthy manner, one who aspires you and guides you to be a better person, one who pushes you out of the comfort zone or let you be who you really are without the mask you often wore in the public. It sounded too much of a fantasy, even you once thought it's too good to be true. Yet when it builds within you, a newfound form of warmth and calmness wraps around you knowing that you can always count on somebody at your highest and lowest point.

Love comes from all direction, and is multifaceted in its ways of expression and its subject. In exact, this is where the beauty lies. I never said it has to be a human being, or an opposite gender. It didn't have to be something alive, or necessarily return the favour just as you do.

Spend everyday like a Valentine's Day with those precious in your life. Not with materialistic items, or flowery words and romanticised words, but to devote it with time, effort and your actual interaction with them.

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