#BiteTrails: Brother Bird Softserve Co.

When visiting Haji Lane, don't just wander and wrap up with one lane itself. Go around its neighbourhood , turn into every corner or small alleys (where you feel safe, of course) . Make a stop by Bali Lane -- just one street away -- and beat the heat with the classic dessert - ice cream. At Brother Bird Softserve Co., ice cream can be served with your choice of classic cup, a variety of soft buttery waffles or its unique mochi donut (which is my main reason of visiting this place).

I wasn't sure what to expect when the term 'Mochi Donut' appeared on my phone screen as I was searching for a soft serve shop nearby Bugis after a light lunch with my friends. Would it be fried mochi, or donut with mochi bites? To be honest, I was worried that it would have turned out to be a horrible or weird. With the first bite - crispy on the outside , soft and chewy akin to the texture of sticky rice on the inside, I'm in awe and couldn't stop going for it. If you're a lover of gummy bears or sticky rice, you will take a liking to it.

Paired with its smooth cookie-butter soft serve, I definitely appreciate that this pairing balanced quite well in terms of their texture and level of sweetness. The Mochi Donut is enjoyable to indulge in without having to feel sated. While some may preferred dessert to have its distinctive sweetness, I love that their sweetness were pretty mild so that it would not overpower each other, allowing you to savour their own flavours.

For Smores Waffles, it is classic as how it should be : waffles soft and buttery , coated with milk chocolate and melted marshmallows . We didn't wanted this chocolate-based dessert to be even more chocolate-y with the cookie-butter soft serve, hence the choice of topping it with Oolong soft serve. Although you might think it's an odd pairing, I personally enjoy the twist in its flavour. Just when you thought you're done with the sweet chocolate taste, here comes the refreshing and fragrant aftertaste of Oolong. I've tried a few tea flavoured ice cream before and I'm glad that it has a strong Oolong flavour instead of half-assed it.

Overall , I would rate it : 9/10 (for its flavour, presentation and price). If I can choose again, I would go for Mochi Donut again with Oolong soft serve for sure. Let me know what you think if you've visited this spot! x Sharon
#BiteTrails is a food series on Iridescent Dawn, covering mention-worthy places that I chose and visited personally. All opinions are my own and subjective to your preferences, so take a bite at your own discretion. 


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