September 2017 : Yayoi Kusama

Definitely had left this space to gather a good layer of dust, remarkably noticing that my last post was in May. Instead of doing a yearly review, I supposed I would keep up with the consistency of my blog with a highlight post from each month in 2017. While March - August 2017 has been a hectic time for me working on my full time job that required me to overlook a brand launch, blogging and documenting my daily lives were pretty much demoted to secondary priority. So, let's just fast forward to Aug/Sep 2017, shall we?

September 2017, Yayoi Kusama : Life is the Heart of a Rainbow Exhibition.

Experience of Infinity Mirrors: 60 minutes queue, 12 seconds countdown, 2 snaps, and 1 knock to signal your session is over.
40 minutes queue, 2 seconds to snap, and ushered off with "Please move on".

Everyone attends an art exhibition with their own purposes. I won't sugarcoat or blabber on much about the background of Yayoi Kusama's artwork as I believe that there are much better coveted pieces which provides a more in-depth understanding of how her artistic expression evolved over the years. For me, it's the immersive experience I acquired from attending an art gallery/exhibition that draws me in again and again. Yet, time is an issue and extremely precious asset here, where it's unfortunate that my main outtakes from this exhibition were pretty pictures and only skimming through the context of her artwork at a very superficial level.

If only things were less rushed and more time allocated to better understand the artwork itself.


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