Visual Diary / Kuching

              A country of two separate lands where the bustling and more well-known Kuala Lumpur city lies on the West side, it's inevitably easier to overlook another land of refreshing beauties and delicacies at East Malaysia. While this visual diary doesn't really do justice to the many things I've tried in Kuching (which means 'cat' in Malay language), there are more than you can see and experience of the Sarawakian culture even for Malaysians themselves. Exactly because they are quite different, and if you're still thinking Sabah & Sarawak are under-developed it definitely calls for a time to pay a visit to this quaint city where you will be warmly welcomed regardless of your race or religion.

              From its own savoury bowl of Sarawak laksa with a hint of spice and fresh prawns and their very local dishes including 'bidin' vegetables that are only grown in Sarawak land, to the different terminology they used when ordering drinks in kopitiams (coffee shop) such as teh c peng in Sarawak is the same as teh peng (ice tea with milk) in West Malaysia. Food wise, I've tried out some places that really called for midnight cravings or ordering seconds: 101 Cafe for Sarawak Laksa, Petanak Wet Market for Kueh Chap & Chicken Rice, Open Air Market for Song Hin Pork Porridge.

              For occasional Western choices, I've managed to give Earthling Coffee Workshop a try and surprised by its great quality that's almost on par with Australia's coffee in terms of its fragrant aroma and fruity after taste. Also, if you have sweet tooth, definitely don't miss out Tom's chocolate praline cake especially for chocolate lovers. Even if chocolate isn't your top choice, don't be intimidated by its thick chocolate layers as they will all melt smoothly in your mouth with that extra crunchy base that really reminds me strongly of Ferroro Rocher.

              Spending the final day watching the crashing waves at Damai Beach, a five-day trip to Kuching felt too short. Till then, cat city! Love, Sharon.


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