An Atlas of Mirror in the Future World

         Over the years, I found myself inclining towards exhibitions and strolling around museums even during my travels. Singapore was no exception, especially when I knew I'll be there in time for Singapore Biennale 2016 and the extremely popular Future World exhibition at ArtScience Museum as well. While I was unable to cover everywhere for SG Biennale, there's definitely a few of my favourite takes from there which are real thought provoking and emotionally engaging. 

Deng Guo Yuan : Noah's Garden II, 2016
(L) Pannaphan Yodmanee : Aftermath, 2016 | (R) Qiu Zhi Jie : One has to wander through all the outer worlds to reach the innermost shrine at the end, 2016
         These two artworks involving cartography, spatiality and geographical history have perhaps intrigued me the most despite the lack of movement or colours as compared to others. Aftermath questions whether comfort continues present in our faith as our society craves for a continuous progression in development that often sacrifices the larger universe outside our spheres of control. This piece of artwork encapsulates my growing interest in the urban culture and our spatial topography, in how we are increasingly making sense of our place and is there any ethical approach towards our modern cities - and I love how it integrates Southeast Asian history into its art piece, which often encompasses of complex mythological concepts and beliefs.

Rathin Barman : Home, and a Home, 2016
Harumi Yukutake: Paracosmos, 2016
         Perhaps one of the most extravagant and eye-catching piece of SG Biennale would be this wall of mirrors, reflecting and mimicking your every movements as you waltzed up this swirling staircase to the second floor. For me, I was definitely mesmerised by its sheer amount of mirrors and the reflection of lighting with golden hues. Tackling the themes of space and place with a mapping of mirrors, "the mirror reveals itself as a paradoxical device: able to hold every other image by having no inherent image." Upon reading its description, I can definitely witness so and I suppose everyone will vision this piece differently, like how I perceived it as the shiny scales of a dragon's back - which may appears irrelevant in this context. 

         For the Future World exhibition at Art Science Museum, it was a definitely an experiential space that creates a beautiful connection between art and science (which I once was unable to see the connection between two). The amount of interactivity with art works in this exhibition creates a whole new level of perception of art and brings into my new found excitement with the idea of science for sure. As for someone who has mild obsession with lights and galaxy, no doubt I lingered around the 'space' section for most just indulging in the calming colours and soothing music of this mini light performance.

         If you have the chance to visit Singapore in near time soon, do check out these two prominent exhibitions as the Singapore Biennale (here) will be ongoing till February 26 only while Future World Exhibition (here) will be around for another year or two :)

         To see these images coming alive, check out the footages I've compiled together here:

Love, Sharon.


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