2017: A Year of Learning

The period right after graduating from university has been a weird transition: on one hand, I wish to experience more and seek out what I truly desire in my career pathway (to understand where I contribute the best), while on the other hand I wish to start creating more content and be productive or adventurous. As I stumbled upon Jemimah's recap of her year 2016, her challenge to try new things or new skills for every month has been inspiring and quite a refreshing take on new year resolutions in my opinion. She also kindly advised on to take it easy on yourself and perhaps start out slowly with a new skill every two months before killing yourself with over-exhaustion.

With the start of new year, we have resolutions all around the internet space pledging to fresh start or continuation of the hard work we did over the past year. Since I'm never good with resolutions no matter how try to keep that list within the peripheral of my eyes, those extremely specific goals are often long forgotten by the first month of the year. And such, I wish to dedicate year 2017 with an overarching goal, which is to learn and never stop pushing myself out of the comfort zones.

Yet this also mean learning to understand myself (or yourself) better as to who you are and staying sane copping with any big changes in life. Just as many have advised me to take it slow in this transition period while some urged to not leave yourself idle for too long, it's important to treat yourself better in harsh conditions. Where January is still a month that I was oddly feeling unmotivated and getting overly anxious for not creating anything particularly groundbreaking in my opinion, I hope that you're not alone if you're in the same situation as me.

After all, it's going to be a year of learning.

Love, Sharon.


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