Chapter XXIII : University


             Mind clouded with information overload and lacking a proper sense of direction, yet heart burning with curiosity and eyes glistening of excitement -- this has been very well a depiction of a freshman stepping into the maze-like campus five years ago. Fast forward now, it has been a bittersweet moment to wrap up this dear chapter of my life encapsulated with beautiful friendships made, uncountable late night assignments session, dilemmas over sleep or social life and that sweet freedom of semester breaks. Enjoy your university life to your fullest, as the elderly around me advised, for it will be one of the best moments in your life. Cliche as it sound, but it definitely hold some truth to that while not endangering your grades from slipping down into a blackhole.

             University loosens up the restrictions of being guarded with teacher's eagle eyes and dress codes, which can comes a blessing or dilemma -- since you have to be your own stylist now. But the experience and joy that comes in pursuing your dream or future career pathway is on another level, especially learning with those who share the same passion with you. Take this opportunity to connect, collaborate or create that idea you had it long in your heart. Don't be afraid of reaching out, and it's okay to fail or be rejected (it's another learning curve) so you can handle rejections better. Step out of your comfort zone -- really please do -- to gain an experience. While it may not be the experience you can place on resume, but you can understand clearer of your strengths and weaknesses - harness on them.

             Whether a three, five or seven years degree ahead of you, use wisely of your university days. As for mine, you have missed dearly. Love, Sharon.


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