Thoughts on Viktor & Rolf

It was a maze to step into Viktor and Rolf's exhibition held for the first time in Australia.

Don't put me off just yet. I wasn't pointing at hardship of navigating around the exhibition -- it was actually fairly straightforward so don't worry -- but it is the wonder and excitement to see runway pieces at such near distance while reading along the purpose and meaning behind each collection. 

Personally, my biggest impression of Viktor and Rolf prior to this exhibition has to be the red dress with chopped off edges and a hole tunneled across the tulle material (first picture). To be honest, it didn't made sense to me until I read the designers' intention behind such approach: 

"There was the economic crisis, but we saw no reason to stop creating beautiful and extreme things: it was not an anti-commercial statement. We felt we needed something radical. At that time, it was all about slashing budgets and cutting corners. Like crushing a dream, we played with destroying perfection and the sweetness of these dreamy dresses."
Most of the pieces as seen from the pieces above really depict the spirit of Viktor and Rolf who are unafraid of creating extreme designer pieces for haute couture collection or ready-to-wear, which often place them on a blurred line of fashion or performance art. As much as such discussion is highly subjective, each collection was made in reflection of social affairs during time of production. 

They may not be everyday pieces, or able to be worn comfortably strutting across the room, but its such conceptual approach that seems to reverberates the condition in our society that the important questions/topics are often the least comfortable to be raised in a discussion.

Heading in with the least expectation, it took me awhile to reflect as well and as I penned down this post, I can now truly say it's definitely an enriching experience that's more than just exhibition of designer pieces. So go visit while you can!
Viktor&Rolf : Fashion Artists is held at National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne, Australia) until 26 Feb 2017. 
Love, Sharon


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