CAPSULE / One Spring Day

CAPSULE : Spring / September has dropped by earlier than others in this series, and it still took me plenty of time to slowly digest year 2016 is drawing to an end soon with another three more months to go. I've been eagerly waiting and counting down the days where I can wrap up my university days and kick-start on a range of ideas I've had in mind, but it felt surreal to know that I would no longer be stepping into the familiar campus ground and meeting those familiar faces. 

Yet, with the arrival of Spring, it always had its way of cheering me up. Perhaps it was the swift transition from dull gloomy weather of winter--where sun sets awkwardly earlier than it should and trees bare to its naked skin, into a glorious field of blooming flowers reminiscing the beautiful days in Tokyo as a cool breeze creates a whirlwind of petals floating in mid-air before settling down on the grass patches.

If you have noticed, the frequency of posts on this blog in September has definitely slowed down its pace as final assignments have definitely taken its toll on me and it will continue till November, which explains the lack of Capsule in motion this month and possibly next month too. So please be patient with me till I swing back into full force for this creative space and in the mean time, let's keep in touch on my Instagram account - @sharon___lee - where I am more active at such busy period :)

And if you're like me struggling through exams or just drowning in a pile of workload, don't give up and stay healthy: We can do this together!

With love,


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