MINI GUIDE : 48 Hours in Hobart

Third & Final part to Exploring Tasmania

As the capital and most populated city of Tasmania, Hobart definitely has a livelier scene as compared to Launceston. With a 48-hours guide, it only give you light touch of what I mainly covered in Hobart because truthfully you would need more than 48 hours to have a rich Hobart experience. Kicking off with a To Visit list: 1. Take a day trip to Port Arthur, and make pitstops along Tasman Peninsula for a laid-back bushwalking or gorgeous look at Tasman Arch & Devil's Kitchen.

L: Eerie Atmosphere at Port Arthur Historic Site /R: On the road to Port Arthur

2. Go to Salamanca Market that opens every Saturday 8.30am - 3pm
Spend some time listen attentively to each amazingly talented buskers with their own music style. Talk to the vendors owner about their unique crafting skills, or just simply take a stroll and immerse yourself in this heartwarming community. 

3. Visit the museum of your choice: Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) that is located within CBD area, or Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) which requires a 30-minutes ferry ride from Brooke St Pier in CBD area. I ended up going for the former, since I only have half day before heading off to airport in late afternoon. During my visit, me and my brother spent majority of our time doing sketches based on the still models displayed beside your workspace. Otherwise, you can also enjoy boardgames in another corner with comfy leather seats. 

Experiencing a new place will never be complete with food, so 4. Fill up your stomach with a good feast. Salamanca Market has quite a wide variety of food to fill your tummy during your Saturday morning's visit. Under my friend's (and my parents' friends' as well) recommendation, I went for the famous curried scallop pie (2nd row, Right). It was something quite special and local in Tasmania, but I guess my high expectation (from all the recommendation) ended up finding it rather normal and wouldn't crave for a second serve. If you're up for fresh seafood, Flippers located across the road from TMAG offers great choices too :) However, the one I truly missed are Honey Badgers' Matcha Roti & Panookie (cookie in pan), and Rin's super refreshing  Tempura Soba. There's definitely no wrong trying out this two restaurants. 

See you next time, Tas. Love, Sharon.


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