There have been times where I loathe over love for my country in many matters, but I would be ashamed to not be proud of the vibrant multicultural diversity that I am blessed with at my birth. We are born and/or brought up in a country of high literacy rate and access to natural resources, family and friends around, speaking in random mixture of languages like a national language. 

It took me years to finally comfortably call this land 'home', for I learnt to appreciate more of the beauty of Malaysia and Malaysians who return to this motherland in attempt of making a difference. An effort that shall not be drowned amongst the controversial topics, an effort that should be appreciated and adorned for their solid beliefs in places that many may not see hope in, an effort that pushes the name of our country on international level with pride.
More often than not, we are always compared to our neighbouring countries that are either more economically stable, favoured by foreign tourists or making progress in various aspects. Comparisons make encouragement and aspiration, yet it shall not be the death of our unique identity. The entrepreneurial culture, the growing number of startups, the sound appreciation of our local talents, the pride we take in our food culture--there is more to appreciate of my country if we were to count our blessings. 

We are looking at epoch where our fellow friends are placing their marks in making things happen, enriching the local context that showcase their beliefs in a country’s potential. But this doesn't mean we can start pulling out our rose-tinted glasses and be ignorant of the inglorious side. 

No one said it's gonna be a smooth sailing journey, and it will be rocky and slow; at times it will gets disappointing and unfruitful. We may be slow, but we come tender and in strong hold of our cultures. We are not putting behind our pasts, but blending those lessons into our vision for the country. 

Happy Independence Day Malaysia, hope you gets stronger, wiser, and shines brighter in years ahead. #merdeka

Love, Sharon.


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