Cradle Mountain / Wineglass Bay

Second part of Exploring Tasmania
When you thought Melbourne has such bipolar weather, Cradle Mountain had it worst. Perhaps, planning to do a mountain walk in the winter was not the wisest idea ever but I did not expect heavy downpour of rain taking place taking place during our walk. Started off at Dove Lake, we went for the easiest trail since we were terribly underdressed for a rainy and blazing winter wind weather. Thankfully, our tour guide had all prepared with additional water-resistant windproof rain jackets to survive.  First lesson learnt: pack well accordingly to the weather (don't be fooled by weather forecast on your iPhone), and pack more will come in more handy than less

According to my tour guide, Cradle Mountain's weather can be really unpredictable. Imagine frozen lake in the transitional period into Summer, snowing at the top of Cradle Mountain during Spring, heavy rain in the winter season (as I've experienced). I suppose you can safely say Cradle Mountain is like a box of chocolate, where you never know what sort of weather you would experienced till you're physically there.

It's hard to see that there's a heavy downpour of rain because these were the only photos that made it during our first hour of walk into Cradle Mountain area. But, as we hiked further in, the rain gets heavier and setting my priorities straight - I need to save my DSLR first. Hence, explains why the lesser range of photos here unfortunately. Second lesson learnt: bring appropriate camera device, or prepare plastic covers (or any protective case) for your gadgets. and try to carry water-resistant bag especially during downpour. 

To Wineglass Bay

Next day, we en-route at Wineglass Bay before heading down to Hobart (which will be part 3 of Tasmania series), which thankfully the weather was kind to us. It started drizzling as we came down from the lookout view of Wineglass Bay, and stumbled upon an extremely friendly wallaby. Pet it at your risk, as it has been advised that not all rare wallabies will be as friendly. 

Before taking a long trip down to Hobart, we strolled around Honeymoon Bay and had our late lunch, listening to the crashing waves accompanied with occasional visits of sneaky birds who are eyeing on your food. But it's all good that they aren't as aggressive as I expected and most just come and go without harming you. In contrast with its romantic name, the overcast sky and winter chills have made this place more mysterious but in an aesthetically pleasing way, which makes it a great photo spot with minimal noise as well. 

Till then, next up a mini guide to Hobart! Love, Sharon.


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