Oh, how time flies. It's time to wrap up another month, which also signalled that we have officially battled through half of year 2016 (you deserve a pat at your back). June has been a relatively slow month, not that it's passing by very slowly but noticeably my surroundings have been caught in slow tempo. People browsing leisurely on trails of clothes, fumbling through vintage film slides, sipping on a warm cup of tea in a cozy cafe. Perhaps, it is due to the start of winter season in Australia where we struggle to leave our bed in the wee hours of morning. Even worse, the cold breeze in winter prickles our face as we squint our eyes, while rubbing our hands for a sheer moment of warmth although already muffled up in layers of jackets and sweaters. 

Yet, June has been great ironically because it's Winter and holiday season. 

Also, for this month, I made a short video of tiny moments that I preferred reminiscing them in movements. Hope you enjoy watching it!


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