1. Hopped off at Gertrude Street, Fitzroy and immediately en-route to this humongous yellow tree that catches my eyes at St. Patrick's Cathedral, which is definitely a beauty by itself. That fluttering moment of fallen leaves made it more magical if you managed to catch the view. 

 2. Filled up that grumpy stomach with a warm brunch, because Fitzroy is a heaven full of aesthetically beautiful cafes and actually delicious food that keeps you full. Choose from these approved choices -- Breakfast Thieves (top), Hammer & Tong 412 (below left & centre), Archie's All Day (below right), Addict Food & Coffee (end of this post), Proud Mary and Industry Beans. 

3. Then, give yourself an easy stroll around Fitzroy to immerse its own rustic and hippy charm because there's always little surprise around the corner if you looked closely enough. Don't rush through your day, really don't. 

4. If you managed to past by Gelato Messina, grab a scoop (or more to your heart's desire). If you don't, make a special stop at Gelato Messina located on Smith Street. On special occasion, you can taste their special flavours available only for a limited period like... Hodor. #holdthedoor
Address: 237 Smith St, Fitzroy

5. Continue exploring and Fitzroy is well covered by many graffitis and interesting mural art, where you may encountered little cute note (below left), take a good portrait shot with its colorful background and isolated streets within the neighbourhood area.
Not pictured: if you're interested in graffiti, look out for The Rose Car Park (75 Rose St).

6. Last but not least, wind down a tiresome day with a coffee/tea break at aforementioned cafes, walk into random shops that attracts you - be it a vintage store, vinyl shop, or independent art gallery. My favourite of all would be this bookshop called Happy Valley, stocked with independent magazines both local and international, design books and art gifts that adds a delicate touch to the shop. 

p.s. the numerical numbers are not served to guide your route in exploring Fitzroy in any particular order. enjoy what you do best, and the best adventure comes from random encounters.

Love, Sharon.


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