May I, just say, this is a month full of cappuccinos and self-portraits? After compiling the moments I've taken for this month, only then I realised the little steps I am actually taking to step out of my comfort zones although they are nowhere near groundbreaking or visually stunning from the famous bloggers or well-known photographers. As I wrapped up my second last semester of university life, I have totally lost count of cappuccinos that I've drank in this month, perhaps the most I've ever had within a span of 31 days. Previously, I was unable to comprehend my friend's statement of "Market Lane coffee is the best". But, after making so many trips to Shortstop (definitely my favourite stop in Melbourne you must visit!), I am able to taste the differences. That mildly acidic and slight burnt taste of coffee is refreshingly addictive, and it's always a great start especially in this winter cold weather.

It has been raining a lot for the later half of May. Days just get gloomier, and blanket gets more alluring by every seconds. Bundle up in thick sweater and holding cup of hot green tea sounds comfy while I catch up with Game of Thrones episodes. Now as holiday is starting for me, maybe the sunnier days will change things a little. Goodbye May, as winter is definitely coming this time.

Love, Sharon.


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