--- "Squeezing my bum on the tiny seats of tuk-tuk with three other friends, we covered our noses from the pungent smell of exhaust gas from the cars beside us while supporting our balance from the accelerating speed and constant swaying around corners by simply gripping to the aluminium bars around us. My very first tuk-tuk experience is filled with such thrills from the constant events of almost brushing shoulders with cars and motorcycles that roamed beside us, and having to protect ourselves from potential swift snatchers."
This is only a snippet of my experience trying to hustle in the crowded city of Bangkok, filled with a list of many -- many cars, many tourists and pedestrians, many street stalls, many massage parlours (especially in the small alleyway where my hotel is located). The cacophony of city-hustle is hard to miss even in wee hours of the morning, but strangely I found comfort within.

Perhaps it was the countless stories I've heard from my fellow friends who returned from their annual shopping trips, or the video logs I've been watching that further feeds my excitement prior the Bangkok trip. In Bangkok, you are so constantly surrounded by choices, noises, and cheap bargains. It's an ongoing adventure that leaves you restless and always absorbed with your surroundings, which is exactly why this post will be relative short because you really have to be there brushing shoulders with strangers, bearing the heat with your sweaty body and always on the hunt for coconut water to understand the charm of Bangkok.

Love, Sharon


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