Listen to the waves.

"Why would you revisit a place when there are plenty destinations waiting for you in this world?" I remember so vividly this question my friend asked years ago. It's hard to disagree, yet I always have a strong belief that conquering the destinations on my travel list and experiencing them are both different ends. Last month, I went back to Philip Island and Port Campbell under the guidance of a local resident and returned with not only a personal experience, but a fresher memory since my last visit was decade ago.

Philip Island
The only memory I had of Philip Island was penguin parade, in which it felt almost like Penguins of Madagascar coming alive right in front of me. Except they are not outright socially active and witty, and you have to squeeze through among hundreds of visitors (you being one of them) to catch a glimpse of it. Well, it was no different this time and warning ahead, please bundle up yourself in the thickest windproof jacket you have because you're going to freeze your assess off just to wait for penguins to come onshore.

But all before visiting our baby penguins, spend your day at Rhyll Trout & Bush Tucker Farm for a fishing experience -- which is first to me! -- and enjoy a hearty lunch with self-caught fishes, either deep-fried in fish and chips style or a refreshing steamed fish fresh out of the water. We were only able to try the former as we spent too long fishing and that's the only order the kitchen would take. We then roamed off to explore Cowes, the main township at Philip Island, and its night market - where the main highlight to me was a mini zoo! It had rabbit, sheep, puppies and even a donkey for you to go up close and feed them, which was pretty amazing I must say! Last but not least, make sure you do a pit stop at The Nobbies, where you have a stunning view of seal rocks and chances of bumping into penguins resting in their houses near evening.

Rhyll Trout & Bush Tucker Farm
30 Rhyll-Newhaven Road, Rhyll Philip Island, Victoria 3923, Australia.

Port Campbell
I've been to Great Ocean Road so many times that I probably have lost count. Yet, staying overnight at Port Campbell, moreover at a backpacker hostel which was really quirky and more comfortable than I expected. We managed to pack up some food to heat up in the shared kitchen area and call it a meal. Nevertheless, it's always simplest meal like these shared with great companions made it most enjoyable and memorable. After dinner, I managed to catch the beautiful sunset by the beach, which is only a walking distance (around 5mins I would say) from the hostel. An evening spend with love one watching the sunset slowly bidding us goodbye with cold waves splashing our feet in the summer and sky developing into beautiful shades of pink never felt so precious ever.

Port Campbell Hostel 
18 Tregea St, Port Campbell, Victoria 3269

Love, Sharon


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