Adelaide Visual Diary

Couple of weeks back, I made a short trip to Adelaide. Mini adventures to lesser tourist spots like these always remind me that it's always good to have a real breather away from the hustling city of Melbourne time to time. Adelaide, albeit small, feels very much at home to me. In comparison to Melbourne, it definitely has smaller Central Business District zone with only one running tram. But it doesn't loses its charm of eccentricity and colours if you walk around every nooks and crannies. Most gorgeously, I was lucky to meet the blossoming period of Jacaranda trees, spreading its beautiful shade of bluish purple around the town. If you're able to drive around the town, you will be able to find a street covered with Jacaranda trees!

All that bonding moments with Mother Nature, I have my fare moment of peace. Now, back to appreciate world's most liveable city. Till next time!

Love, Sharon


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