Lost in Translation

Japan Visual Diary, December 2013.

These visuals have came a long way from my trip to Land of Rising Sun in 2013. It felt more appropriate to concise them into one lengthy post (which I apologised for the heavy amount of visuals out of the blue) to record my jam-packed trip that past by so swiftly while I was still absorbing those historical beauties and its juxtaposition with neon lit streets. Japan is truly a magical place, to me at least, for my childhood spent with brothers who are into Japan pop culture from their famous exports of animes and mangas to its production of soapy dramas and flavourful J-Pop, which is the second largest music market of the world. Typically, all the soft power thing you could have heard of. Also never forget to mention, the wonderful works of Hayao Miyazaki were produced and drawn upon here.

For a country that is now widely known to have more working hours than any developed countries, an image of Japan in its serenity and utmost calmness is heavily imprinted at the back of my head. Perhaps it was their immense appreciation for tedious process of handcrafted goods, the abundance of historical beauty in Kyoto, the culture of meticulous care and politeness for customers. Or my experience of video-streaming a particular Korean boyband performing at Tokyo Dome and Japanese fans enjoying the concert in silence, like they are using fully absorbing every single rhythm and beats the artists had for them and experiencing to the fullest. (This was probably most random, but it was part of my impression towards Japan prior to this trip). Whatever it was, I could not pin point an exact aspect that Japan's charms worked so well on me. 

Maybe, it's all about that matcha that got me. Think about all the matcha goodness.
matcha kit kats, matcha ice cream, matcha noodles, matcha latte. okay, I shall stop before I head out to actually buy matcha snacks at that Asian Grocery nearby. 

Till next time! Love, Sharon.


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