Cool for the Summer

Last summer, I finally managed to join my friends a short vacation to Gold Coast after multiple rearrangement for tickets and accommodations and I can't be more thrilled when everything was confirmed! So here's my little visual diary at Gold Coast :)

Ending Day 1 by strolling & relaxing at Surfer's Paradise (pictured above) 

Unfortunately, I didn't get to record much of Day 2 @ Wet n' Wild Water World as we kept all our belongings inside lockers for obvious reason. But I had such an awful encounter with a trio of high school students there who were being obnoxious and exhibiting hints of racism and stereotyping while queuing up for a water ride. Well, I was glad that we didn't let them dampen our holiday mood that easily, which I would say an absolute perk of travelling with your friends! 

& starting Day 3 at Movie World (pictured below)
Final day with Polaroids spam!

Spending our final days just chilling by the beach and really didn't want to leave this paradise! I can't wait for another opportunity where I can plan my next trip back around.

Sharon Lee.


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