New Zealand Part III - Mount Cook

The day after trip to Mount Sunday, my family made our journey down south towards Queenstown. But before that, we made en route towards Aoraki, also known as Mount Cook National Park. It is an approximate 4-5 hours journey departing from the heart of Christchurch. There shall no be surprise that we are surrounding by the green sceneries offered by nature where you can witness sheep and cow farms and bushes of hills spanned ahead of you. Yet, there is so much that you can absorb along the ride and thankfully I have chosen to rode with Great Sight Tour Bus--the only bus that brings tourists from Christchurch to Mount Cook then Queenstown and vice versa--which offers free wifi! I must say it was a relief for it kept me occupied while being able to enjoy the scenery time to time:

1. Sheep farms / 2. Lake Tekapo / 3. Church of the Good Shepherd / 
4. Tip of Mount Aoraki / 5. View from my hotel / 6. View from bush walks

We were fortunate to arrive Mount Cook and enjoyed complimentary meal at Hermitage Hotel before taking a short and easy bush walk being surrounded by such magnificent view of Mount Cook National Park. However, our itinerary to Queenstown were unfortunately disrupted and cancelled due to a heavy snowfall on the next day we were supposed to leave. One night stay end up extended for three nights as there are no other means of transport that could enter Mt. Cook due to the road blockage. Well, looking at the bright side, I got to enjoy a sky of starry nights and delicious dinner with my family at Hermitage Hotel's restaurant. 

Look at the drastic difference before and after snowfall at Mount Cook National Park!

A compilation of galaxy snaps when my camera battery flat out as I leave Mount Cook. 

On the final day at New Zealand, we ended up rushing out journey back Christchurch within 4 hours to catch our flight back in time to Melbourne by evening. Even though we were practically stuck within the hotel for the heavy snow resulted several activities to come to a sudden halt, I must say it's still a pretty brand new experience and definitely will come back for Queenstown and other cities to enjoy the beautiful landscape it has yet to offer!



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