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October 2017 : 24 HOURS in PENANG

To be more accurate, it's less than 24 hours . I've arrived Penang early morning to attend my cousin's wedding on one fine Saturday in October. While there are some time to spare before the wedding at night, my fam and I went leisure-strolling around the island. So if you're looking for a very laid back day, here's an easy itinerary to follow around at your own pace:

Wa Hong Cafe - Malaysian breakfast fix
> Toast & soft-boiled eggs: Dip your toast in a cup of runny yolks (seasoned with soy sauce and pepper to your liking) for extra yum factor.
> Char Kuay Teow: Wish I order a larger portion beforehand and no need for dilemma over long queues when I want to go for seconds.

Gurney Drive - Natural Air-Conditioner
Perfect spot to escape from the humidity, or just listen to the sound of sea waves. 

Clan Jetties - A Travel to the Past
A total of six clan jetties (Lee, Lim, Tan, Chew, Yeoh, Mixed) named after the Chinese surnames represented the communities who sett…

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